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Product: Views:65Morpholine 
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Morpholine product specification

Morpholine(C4H90N), byname: 1-oxa-4-azacyclohexane.English name:morpholine

Molecular formula: C4H90N, Molecular weight:87

Characters: Appearance and properties: In normal temperature, it is colorless and hygroscopic liquid. It smells special ammonia. It can be soluble in any volume water. It is soluble in such organic solvents as aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohol, ketone, aether and other organic solvents. It is slightly soluble in mineral oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon. It has slight toxicity. Morpholine reacts with inorganic acid to generate salt, with organic acid to generate salt or acylamide. It can take alkylation reaction and Willgerodt reaction. It also can react with epoxyethane and ketone and take Willgerodt reaction.


Melting pointMelting point:-4.9℃;

Boiling point:128℃;

Flammable temperature:310℃;

Flash point:35℃;

Danger class: 8 (corrosive liquid)

Major technical index:

Product standard: HG/T2817-1996


Index name Index Index name Index
First-rate goods qualified goods First-rate goods qualified goods
Chroma (platinum-cobalt ) ≦ 10 15 Boiling range℃ 126-129 126-130
Density g/ml 0.999-1.002 Morpholine % ≧ 99.00 98.00


Morpholine are mainly used to manufacture rubber accelerant (such as NOBS, OTOS and MDS), sulfuration agent (like DT-DM), cleanser, descaling agent, antirust, anti-scorching agent, antiseptic, surfactant, textile printing & dyeing agent, optical bleaching agent, chemical plating bath, antioxidant, hydrolyzing agent, initiator, developer, fruit preserving agent, deodorizer, brightener and organic solvents. Its applications are very wide. Its application in such fields as medicine, pesticide, animal medicine, petroleum and extraction of coke aromatic hydrocarbon have been ceaselessly developed and carried out.

In foreign countries, a great deal of morpholine is used for antirust, descaling and metal cleaning, especially for antirust and anticorrosive in high temperature conditions. In boiler maintenance fields, amount of morpholkine is also used as descaling agent. Owing to its unique chemical characters, morpholine has become one of the most important fine petroleum chemical products and its applications are very wide.